Board of Directors



Mr. Nadeem Abdullah graduated as commerce graduate from MC Gill University Canada. He is currently the Chief Executive officer of Sapphire Textile Mills Limited and director in other group companies. He also has been director and member of Young President Organization, The Indus Entrepreneur, AISEC, India Pakistan Chief Executive Business Form, Karachi Cotton Association, Pakistan Business Council and Standard Chartered Pakistan. He has led the business growth of the organization, introduced new product lines and let the development of more value added products. He was involved hands-on with the development of the Group’s textile operations, which has provided him with an in-depth understanding of the business. He has spearheaded the diversification of the group in non- textile business Mr.Nadeem has developed expertise in multiple disciplines including sales and marketing, supply chain management, product development and management etc.



Mr. Nabeel Abdullah has done his Bachelor of Science in Economics from the London School of Economics. Additionally, he has taken numerous professional courses at the Lahore University of Management Sciences. Before joining the Sapphire Group, he also interned at Citi, in the Commercial Bank, in London for 3 months. Nabeel was trained for one year at Sapphire before being appointed Director. He is currently overseeing raw material procurement, sales, production, accounts and finance for Sapphire Textile Mills Ltd and specially in weaving.



Mr. Amer Abdullah is Master in Business Administration from USA. He joined the Group in younger age and was appointed as Director in 1990 in various group companies. He has undertaken various expansion projects of Textile sector and has diversified towards Dairies. Being a Director of Sapphire Group, responsibilities bestowed upon him, enabled him to accept challenges and take decision in critical scenarios. The Textile has quite complex dimension due to seasonal exposure and hence it requires to be out maneuvered by efficient planning. He is experienced and is competent in business dealings especially for procurement of plant and machinery, raw material and other assets. He has rich experience in sales promotion and has successfully added goodwill for sapphire products in Domestic as well as in Export Markets.


Mr. Yousuf Abdullah is Master in Business Administration from UK. He is Chief Executive Officer of Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited and also on the Board of other group business. He became Director in various companies of Sapphire Group in 1995. He has attained very good experience of Textile, Dyeing, Knitting and Finishing. He has actively participated in planning for new projects and served in an excellent manner for its implementation and expansion. He introduces new lines in Textile business. Having good experience in sale promotion, he added goodwill for sapphire product in local as well as in international markets. Presently he is working for expending in value addition textile chains / Lines. In addition to good knowledge and experience of production sale and procurement, he is good administrator and handled the administration of the group very successfully.


Mr. Shayan Abdullah has done Bachelor of Science in Business Management with concentration in Economics and Finance USA. Additionally he has undertaken various professional courses from universities such as London School of Economics and Lahore University of Management Sciences. Before getting appointed as a director with Sapphire Group of Companies, Mr. Shayan was trained for two years with Sapphire group companies. He oversees raw material procurement, accounts and marketing for spinning divisions of Sapphire Fibres Limited, Amer Cotton Mills Limited and Reliance Cotton Spinning Mills Limited.